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Please enter your education history, if applicable by clicking the “Add an Educational History” button. Include Vocational School, College, and Graduate School if applicable. If qualifications require a college education, transcripts are required with your application. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted at the time of application, and you will have an opportunity later in this process to upload any electronic versions you may have. Official transcripts (mailed directly to the Office of Human Resources by the college/university of the applicant) must be received before issuing an employment contract.

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Employment History

Please list each job you have held for the last TEN years OR list the LAST THREE JOBS, whichever is greater. If you possess relevant experience outside of this time period, please feel free to include that job history as well. INCLUDE periods of military service, education leave, and unemployment. Please fill out the application of employment history as thoroughly as possible. Your resume or vita should not be submitted in lieu of filling out the information requested.

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Indicate if a Professional or Educational reference (no personal references accepted).

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum number of 5 references are required for this section.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

computer literacy. At the very least, this means the ability to manage files, use email and conferencing, use a spreadsheet such as Excel, use Word or an equivalent word processing software. Additionally, employees will be expected to use the Internet and to integrate multimedia applications into classroom use when appropriate. All candidates are required to complete the section for Skills to certify proficiency. Please indicate your skills in areas where you are fully proficient. Do not indicate skills you are not willing to use on the job. Mountwest Community & Technical College has a well-defined and financially supported commitment to professional improvement. The College will require the successful candidate to make steady progress toward appropriate professional goals.

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Supplemental Questions


Documents needed to Apply

Please attach your resume and cover letter. Also, refer back to the job listing to check for additional required documents.


Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Completion of this form is voluntary. Refusal to provide information will not subject applicant to adverse treatment. Please return this card promptly.

Compliance with this request is consistent with Federal, State and local laws, and Mountwest Community & Technical College Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policies.