Calling All Future Community College Presidents!

Aspiring Presidents Seminar in Portland, Ore.
This conference has moved to 2016. Details to follow!
Are you considering a future as a community college president, or do you know someone who is? We will bring together the country’s most esteemed community college professionals and search consultants during a two-day intensive seminar. You will get to collaborate directly with seasoned leaders to garner insight and knowledge for your personal path toward community college presidency.

We’ve honed our skills during more than 100 successful presidential placements. As an attendee, you’ll receive direct access to the experience we have gained during 25 years of practice.
The seminar will include:

Tips for the community college presidential search
Opportunities to engage in mock interviews and meet one-on-one with search consultants
Individual resume reviews
Application and contract negotiation tips
Networking sessions
Keynote speeches from top community college leaders about the latest trends and challenges affecting the college presidential search

Event details:

Event cost: $602.20 (includes $575 seminar registration fee and Eventbrite registration fee). Travel and lodging are not included.

Registration is limited to the first 25 individuals.

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Why I Am Heading Up Gold Hill Associates

Why am I doing this is question that I have been asked the last several years as I transition from serving as the President of Portland Community College to doing community college presidential searches. Since 1972 I have served in various faculty and management roles in five different community colleges. Consequentially, I have been involved in many professional recruitment efforts, served on many search committees, and hired hundreds of community college professionals including faculty and management. I have concluded that these processes are often flawed and all too often result in failed searches or poor hires. Therefore I decided three years ago to do search work and attempt to implement and assist in more successful searches.
Coached By Dr. Bob Barringer
I had the great fortune to work the last three years with Dr. Bob Barringer, the founder of Gold Hill Associates, a twenty five year old search firm specializing in community college presidential searches. I have been coached by Dr. Barringer to work very hard to provide for our clients an open participatory search process.  This is accomplished by making sure that we proactively involve internal and external constituencies in creating the search profile and reviewing applicants.
Candidate Recruitment is Often Overlooked
We also believe that the recruiting of candidates is one of the most overlooked aspects of a search. We know that often the most qualified candidates have to be personally recruited. They frequently will not respond to postings and advertisements. Therefore we make every effort to personally contact individuals who have been very successful and effective leaders in their past or current professional positions.  Finally we also personally execute formal and informal reference checks thoroughly meanwhile sharing all our findings with the college`s board of directors […]

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