What Makes Gold Hill Associates (GHA)Unique?

The Bottomline:

GHA is dedicated solely to Community College Executive searches.

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Gold Hill Associates

Quality service, broad expertise and stellar presidential candidates

Gold Hill Associates would like to offer your institution quality service, broad expertise and stellar presidential candidates. We have successfully completed over 100 searches for a variety of college populations, from small and rural to large, urban, and multi-district colleges. We are the most comprehensively independently owned community college presidential search firms in the United States. Our Board inclusive-team approach since 1990, G.H.A. respects the ( ) responsibility of the Board and will guarantee success without losing sight that the ultimate decision is that of the Board.

Our search professionals have been community college presidents

Gold Hill Associates search professionals have been community college presidents, bringing specific first-hand knowledge and support. And due to their prior president roles, our search professionals adapt to meet individual Board and state requirements, cognizant of budget costs to the Board and institution.

  • We concentrate exclusively on community college presidential searches
  • We work for the Board, not on behalf of candidates
  • Our search  process is designed to be effective and cost-efficient
  • If the Board is unsatisfied with the final candidates, we will redo your search until satisfaction with candidate pool, or accept no fee.

The Gold Hill Associates reputation stands on commitment to success.

We welcome you to inquire about our service and search procedure and together we can create a path to success.

Gold Hill Associates=Proven Success & Superior Service